We’re the founders of Palma Fibre, Tia and Erik, two individuals with a passion for fibers and creativity.

We truly believe in the uplifting power of beautiful yarn and design and their ability to elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere.

Beautiful yarn that people love to knit come from collaboration. We’re excited to show you our yarns, learn about you, and make something beautiful together. We help businesses design yarns that generate sales. We want to fill your company’s inbox with yarn orders.


The history of Palmafibre’s ecological yarn brand goes way back to the 1960’s in Italy. In the early 70’s, by Giovanni Palmariello started a company of recycling textile raw materials. This company was to gather wool from clothes packaging and sell it to spinning mills. We also gathered different fibers from knitting mills, woolen mills and spinning mills for recycling. Recycling was to divide color and material and then sell to mills of Prato, where the famous carded yarn of Prato is made. During those years the business expanded to Scandinavia. Now Erik and Tia palmariello are continuing the legacy and proudly expanding the business to new heights.


Our research and development office, supported by modern and technologically up-to-date systems, allows us to create constantly new products by translating new fashion trends into yarns. Our production takes place in in Prato, Toscany and our customers are guaranteed that the products are entirely Made in Italy.



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